Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes... I am not doing well... but i'll make it

I have some people in my life. Not a lot! My life is very robotic. I get up, wake my children up, get them ready for the day, get me ready for the day, drop them off, go to work. pick them up, work out every other day and then go home or go straight home. Cook, clean, wash my kids up and go to sleep. Everyday... I have no one but my children and sometimes my husband. I have friends online yes but you all know its not the same. I dont feel like I have my husband because his family hates me. Yes i know hate is a strong word but its the truth. They have despised me for 10 years.
I recently decided to no longer have anything to do with them or to be around them. My husband can go around them and take the kids. I personally will not do so. On fathers day, my husband will be at his parents house for a cook out. I will not be attending, I Have no intension of attending. I want my husband to go. I dont want him to feel like he has to choose. If he decides to be with me so be it but i wont get him a choice like that. He needs his family, he would be very unhappy without them. It was either him be unhappy or me. I am used to settling.
I have no one here. I begged my husband to not move here and buy his parents old house. I am depressed. I cry everyday. its hard to diet when you are used to having comfort food. i have a lot of emotions right now going on inside of me. I broke down crying at my house on my lunch break in fact! i am alone, here in this city i hate and have hated all my life. i just dont know how much more i can take. i have to go on though, my kids needs me. i will continue to work at a company where everyone treats me like shit and be part of a family of which hates me. my kids need me though. or would they be better off without me too. i just know i have to keep going.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh IN Wednesday!

Team Maroon!
Were in the process of getting all our weights posted.

week 3~!

How did I do?

I lost 1.1 lbs. Not huge but a loss is a loss!

I have been dealing with a bad amount of stress this week.
I am in a deep funk in fact so I was expecting a loss but not a huge one.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stole from Brooke

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Seeing my dad this weekend (hopefully)
2. Getting upstairs in my house and cleaning it up
3. Selling the bunk beds
4. Eventually being out of debt
5. being able to buy clothes I like cause I am skinny (I have some ways to go on this one, lol)
6. Riding the dirtbike saturday night as usual
7. 5pm monday through friday
8. Getting back to the YMCA to work out

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Ate
2. Worked
3. Fought off mosquitos
4. Fought with my husband
5. Washed 3 loads of clothes and folded them
6. Realized so much about my life
7. blogged
8. Ate more triscuits than I should of last night

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Have a pay day and be in the positive in my check book
2. Buy my oldest summer clothes
3. Lose this weight
4. Be unconditionally happy
5. Spend money without feeling guilty
6. Go to the YMCA everyday!
7. Let go of past agressions
8. Be more active with my kids

8 shows I watch:

1. One tree Hill
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. One life to live
5. John and Kate plus 8
6. So you think you can dance
7. Deadliest Catch
8. Ax Men

8 people tagged:

8. You

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Its wednesday and time to weigh in!

I knew when I woke up this morning that there would be a slim chance at a great loss for the week, I even thought I might even have a gain!

Last week: 232.8
This Week: 232.4

Loss -.04

Better than gaining and I know where I went wrong! I will do better next week, I know it! Getting my jump Rope tonight too, lol!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Team Maroon! Weigh In Wednesday!

I weighed in the morning.


I am so ready for this challenge!!!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Confessions

1. I have not only fallen off the wagon, it also ran me over.

2. Just because i can basically get 12 packs for free this week of coke products, bad idea, I love soda too much and it doesnt need to be in my house.

3. Still bought them though, my husband better drink up!

4. My emotional eating got really bad recently with the passing of my aunt and such.

5. Not to mention the fight my mother started with me immediately following the funeral over a DAMN COOKIE.

6. Not my cookie, my daughters cookie.

7. Need to get back to the gym, i feel like i get a better workout there.

8. I dont want to put the kids in child watch though, they tend to get sick when going there.

9. The swine flu scares me!

10. I hate my job, ok, scratch that, I dont hate the job itself, I could however do without some of the people I work with.

11. My monthly visitor will be here this week.

12. Migraines and bad ass cramps along with it!

13. I am 1 lb away from my 10% weight loss, SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!

I have some work to do! Yay for me!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've been absent. My Aunt Died :(

She passed away last wednesday (5/20) which also happened to be her 53rd birthday. I have been absent from many things because for the week prior to that I was back and forth up to the hospital seeing her. I havent lost or gained weight, somehow maintained in fact. I am back now though.

Sorry for the vanishing act!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Aunt

Shes very sick! She lived with me for about a year a couple years ago! My kids grew very attached to her, she was there everyday, how could they not. When she moved out, it was very sudden and it hurt. I had done nothing to warrant her wanting to leave, we never made her feel unwelcome (intensionally anyway). We didnt hear from her for months. When we did, I wasnt sure I wanted to speak with her, she had broken promises with my children which hurt them, which in turn, hurt me.

Not long after this, she was diagnosed with cancer. That dreaded horrible disease that has taken so many close to me. At first, it didnt affect me. I even questioned myself as to whether or not I really could be that heartless. I couldnt though, i cared regardless of the bad stuff.

We've talked since, shes come to my house since and I had went to hers.

Couple of months ago, we found out theres nothing more they could do for her. She handled it as well as she could finding out this type of news. Yet again, I didnt even shed a tear. Is it because I am immune to the pain of death in my life anymore since I have seen so much of it? I still didnt know the answer.

Monday night, she had a stroke.

Shes now in the hospital. Shes on a morphine drip and when she gets to go home, she will be on 24 hour hospice care.

I did not find out till yesterday.


I have realized so much this week as far as how I handle my emotions. Mainly sadness. I eat.

Not to draw attention away from what is happening to my aunt, but that realization is profound for me.

I cried, than I ate, cried some more and some more food entered my mouth! Didnt even want to workout lastnight.

Shes not doing well, and I could strangle my cousins for not calling me or any other members of the family (BULLSHIT!!! Yep, i said it)!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday at the sisterhood again! Week 5, 3 weeks left!

Bottom Line: I gained! I am at 233 now!

Thats ok! I expected it! I enjoyed food this weekend, too much of it! I am now back on track and ready to kick my fat butt into gear again!!!!!!

Up 1.8 which is what I lost the week before! Its all good!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday!

Last week: 233
This week: 231.2
Loss for the week: 1.8 lbs
Loss for this challenge: 6 lbs

YAY, a loss after a couple weeks are maintaining!!!! SO nice!!!!!!! I am so happy, wishing for more but no big deal!!!!! I am doing this and will continue doing this!!!!!! I am still 9 bs away from my goal for this challenge! I know I can do this, I do really need to step it up some though!!!! And I will!!!!!

How is everyone else doing?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My daddy and my girls on easter!

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So I mentioned my inlaws earlier, heres the story to go with it

My inlaws have never ever treated me right. This july me and my husband have been together for 10 years! For 10 years basically i have been the black sheep. So many reasons according to them for this and some of which they have dared not said but I know is part of it.

1. I am not his ex. I did not know he was dating someone when we got together, she was off in bible camp. MY BAD! I found out 2 weeks into our relationship he had a girlfriend who he promptly broke up with the day she returned.
2. I was not and am not skinny (yet). Everyone in his family is skinny in some shape or form. Oh well, he loves my extra fluff!
3, I speak my mind. If you say something that bothers me, i let you know it, i dont keep my mouth shut at all. I will even argue also and get very loud!

These are just 3 things. The things this family has put me through would of caused most woman to just walk away! I almost did about 7.5 years ago!
They had his ex move in while i was preggers with our oldest. They told me i didnt have to come around they didnt care. They had her move into thomas's grandmas house after I had liz and started working again, they tried to teach liz to call her mommy.
They hid her from me whenever I went over there, she hid for hours at a time in the closet cause she knew if i saw her, she would be in a world of hurt! She would write him notes and everything. I left him when liz was about 8 months old. He owuld not allow me to take her until I was settled.
His parents convinced him i abandoned liz and when he went to boot camp, he tried to sign custody over to his parents but it didnt work, I got her anyway! It was bad, very bad!

My brother in law has tried to kill me 3 times! tried to drown me, came after me with a pitch fork and with a chain saw! Hes crazy!

My sister in law has even came after me when i was preggers and tried to kick me in my stomach!
My father in law is a perv, i used to wake up to him watching me sleep. Hes a boob man, i know this cause i have big boobs!
My mother in law is crazy as well. She has cursed me out, yelled at me, put me down to my kids, cussed me out in front of me kids and even attacked me. I let her hit me 3 times cause her dad had died the day before but after that 3rd time, she got her ass whooped and ended up with a mild concussion.

Now, they treat mary differently, why, I do not know. All the other grandchildren dont get treated like this, I dont understand it personally. Mary is 5, yes she has a temper and lets it be known but give the kid a chance. They have even went so far as to doubt her paternity. Now, those who have seen my two kids know that theres no way you can doubt them being sisters. Heres a pic!

really, trust me, they are sisters, lol!

My inlaws are crazy! And it took up until about 2 years ago for my husband to truly stand up for me but he has started to. Plus, i can stand up for myself and he knows that!

But when you treat me child in a wrong way, its on and they know it!

Theres some of the story, trust me theres so much more but i cant type for hours on end!!!1

Weigh In Wednesday and Confessions!

So I maintained this past week, shocking considering my husband decided to buy me my kryptonite! Reeses eggs!!!!! I had ice cream too, not the healthy kind!

So weight for the week: 233

Thats ok! I maintained, and I am happy about that because it could of been so much worse!

So..... about shredding! I made it to day 3! I havent been able to do it since! My husband has taken over our TV with his new Wii game , its something to do with golds gym!
I finally let him know how upset i was about it too on monday! So he stopped his game and turned on the shred for me. I got going, could tell right away i hadnt done it in a few days! Was doing great but every time i bent over to do something, even just pick up the weights, my husband would be behind me saying "yeah baby, just like that". I cant laugh and work out, not possible for me. I asked him to go to another room cause of this and he wouldnt. He knows i cant stand it when he says crap like that, lol, its funny to hear but really, not attractive, lol! He just says it just to say it, cause trust me hes no barry white, he just likes to make me laugh!

I spent the whole day painting yesterday so no shred then either. Honestly, I dont even know if I will be able to tonight either. I have to drive my kids to my parents house to spend the next couple of days. I am going to miss my babies!!!!!

My inlaws treat my youngest very badly, I do not know why but I will not leave her with them anymore. LONG STORY!

I miss shredding, I truly do, I am going to start over at Day 1! Its only right!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shred - Day 3

I completed my 3rd day yesterday with jillian! Its getting a little easier, I dont hurt as bad today as I did yesterday! My husband joined in half way through yesterday, lol!

I will be heading home soon for my 4 day weekend! I will do my shred tonight and even over my 4 day weekend! Even while the reeses eggs are staring at me. My husband referred to them today as my kryptonite, lol!

Have a wonderful easter everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Look Me up!

30 Day Shred - Day 2 - I did it!

Yesterday, I knew jillian had worked me on day one! I knew there were actually muscles that I was feeling pain in that I had not felt in years! Push ups..... umm.... this is a lot of weight to hold up so I do the knee assisted type but yet still, alot of weight to hold up.
I did day 2 yesterday when I got home from work and while dinner was cooking. I had to take a couple of breaks though because the kids got home or the timer went off in the kitchen, but it was like 10 15 second breaks, lol.
In the beginning, i was hurting! About half way through i truly started to feel better and not in so much pain! My jumping jacks were higher and my butt kicks were higher, i felt great! I finished it!
I then decided to go to the YMCA and get my wednesday normal workout in. HAHAHA, i have to laugh at myself thinking that was going to be possible because of jillian trying to kill me.
I was able to do 2.35 miles on the elliptical as normal but nothing else. I did some strength training and went and sat in the sauna for about 10 minutes.

Today.... my calves, arms, shoulders and my right heel hurts!!! But I will be ok and will do day 3 tonight!!!!!!

Me and Jillian, We are developing a love hate relationship right now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Shred with the Sisterhood!

Yep, I'm shredding witht he sisterhood! Lastnight i tried it out for the first time. Few things i realized!

1. Doing this workout using youtube is not easy because its coming in 3 seperate sections, jillian is telling me not to stop but I have to so I can click play for the next part.
2. I hate push ups. So does my left arm, something kept popping when i was attempting these.
3. my legs are not in as good shape as i previously thought.
4. I need a more supportive sports bra to do the jumping jacks and jump rope moves because i swear i hit myself in the face a few times with the girls!
5. I want to do these workouts in the mornings but since I started at night, I am going to have to do 2 workouts in 12 hours to switch it up, not nice!
6. I am looking forward to the results 29 days from now. I started a day late!
7. My dvd will be here tomorrow!!!!

Don't you want o hate Jillian along with me?

So..... my before pictures

Well, technically I started this journey in January, I should of taken pics back then but did not. I am 23 lbs lighter than what I was in January and have lost some inches also. When I first saw these pics lastnight after taking them, I have to say, i felt like I hadnt dont as well as i thought. But this morning, looking at them again, yes, i am ashamed to post them but I'm doing something about this weight. So here they are, for everyone to see.

Front view, I just worked out doing the 30 day shred. Of course I dont look happy, Jillian does not like me and the feeling is mutual, lol!

I can see my legs are so much smalled than my midsection. I have alot of work to do! Geesh, now I can run and hide!

Weigh In Wednesday!

Well, this week I didnt do too bad. I stayed on point but definately did not work out like i wanted to!

Start of the challenge: 237.2
Last week weight: 234 EVEN
This morning at 6:15am : 233 EVEN

1 lb loss for the week
4.2 lbs. for the challenge so far, 10.8 lbs. to go!

Total loss since I started in January: 23 lbs!

I can probably thank jillian for the loss, she tried to kill me lastnight, seriously, lol!

I will be posting my before pics today. Be afraid because I started crying when I saw these and its a real eye opener for me! I am no where near where I want to be and its all in my midsection!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30 Day Shred

My DVD will not be here until the end of the week but the challenge started yesterday! I wish I would of thought of this yesterday but one day late is ok! Look what I found on you tube!

Level 2 and three are on there too! I am sure I will be doing level 1 until the DVD gets here, lol!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Super Hula Hoop!

OMG!!!! Up until lastnight I thought I was doing pretty good, Definately felt like I was in better shape than I was 2 months ago. I decided to do the Super Hula On my Wii Fit!
Now, I went into this pretty confident! I knew I would get above 3000 spins in those neverending 10 minutes! But.... I did it. I am hurting today, thinking that this is definately a fun thing i can do atleast everyday and a great way to burn some calories and make me relive my child hood some, lol.

My first time:

I think I did pretty good FIRST TRY!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Blog

I want it to look nice, like others I have seen! I want it to look all fancy and stuff and add buttons and stuff but I do not know how. Is there a How to blog I have yet to find, I need help!

Weigh In Wednesday!

I hopped on the scale again this morning, I am still at 234! I am ok with that because I couldnt go to the GYM lastnight but hey, I LOST so I am happy!
Last week: 237.2
This week: 234 EVEN

3.2 pounds lost.

11.8 to go for the shrinking into summer challenge!!!!!!!
WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!

30 day shred!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, you need to go to the shrinking jeans blog! I would insert a link if i knew how, lol!
Jillians 30 day shred from what I have heard is AWESOME! I would love to work with her! Especially considering I cant go to the Gym as often as I would like because my husband has to because his physical is coming up. He feels guilty for taking it away from me but were a team and it will be ok!!!!! Between the Wii Fit, turbo jam, hip hop abs and possibly the 30 day shred, I will be set!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Yep, Thats right! I started this lifestyle change on January 5 of this year! I weighed 256 on that date. I was above 260 at christmas last year! I know for a fact i was over 265 last easter!
I weighed lastnight, I am at 234!
This is huge for me! My daughter can wrap her arms all the way around my waist now and touch her hands together! So can my husband!!! I so much more active! This weight loss pushes me to go further! I am excited! I hope by summer I can look and feel comfortable to wear a sun dress! I miss wearing those!

I am so excited about this journey and love the sisterhood for all the support!!!!!!!

((HUGS)) to everyone!

22 pounds down! 89 pounds to go!!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Its time for a new challenge!!!!!!!

On monday night, at my weight watchers meeting, i weighed in at 237.2. My goal is to lose 15 lbs by the end of these 8 weeks! I can do this!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like to have some drinks from time to time

Heres a list I wish I had before these past couple of weekends, lol! I gained not long ago, I am sure this is why!
Check out this list, and #1 worst drink is my FAVE! Good to know the points!!!!!

Top 5 worst drinks:
1. Margarita in a pint glass (2 oz. tequila, 2 oz. margarita/sour mix, 1 oz. triple sec, lime juice, 1 tsp. sugar) - 550 calories (11)
2. Mudslide (1.5 oz. coffee liqueur, 1.5 oz. Irish cream, 1.5 oz. vodka) - 417 calories (8.5)3. Long Island Ice Tea (1 oz. vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec, 2 oz. sour mix, splash of cola) - 380 calories (8)
4. White Russian (1.5 oz. vodka, 1.5 oz. coffee liqueur, 1.5 oz. cream) - 320 calories (6.5)
5. PiƱa Colada (1.5 oz. rum, 1.5 oz. coconut cream, 3 oz. pineapple juice) - 293 calories (6)

Top 5 best drinks:
1. Rum and Diet Coke (1 oz. rum) - 65 calories (1.5)
Tip: Use diet sodas as mixers, such as gin and diet tonic, diet 7Up and Seagrams 7, diet ginger ale and Jack Daniels, and so on.
2. Vodka and Soda (1 oz. vodka) - 65 calories (1.5)Tip: Try this with flavored vodka, such as raspberry, vanilla, or mandarin.
3. White Wine Spritzer (4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) - 80 calories (2)4. Bloody Mary (1 oz. vodka, 4 oz. tomato juice, dash of Tabasco and pepper) - 90 calories (2)5. Light Beer - 100 calories (2)
Don't forget to ask for diet sodas or seltzers for your mixers. An average mixed drink contains at least 300 calories for 8 ozs
Updated 2/9/06
Beer - Types of (12 fl oz) Beer, non-alchoholic (72 cal) 1.5
Beer, light (105 cal) 2.5
Beer, regular (145 cal) 3
Beer, strong (180 cal) 4
Beer, lager (120 cal) 2.5
Beer, stout (190 cal) 4
Beer - Light (12 fl oz) Amstel Light (93 cal) 2
Aspen Edge (94 cal) 2
Beck's Light Beer (105 cal) 2.5
Beck's Premier Light (64 cal/3.9 g carbs) 1.5
Blatz Light (94 cal) 2
Bud Light (102 cal/6.1 g carbs) 2.5
budweiser Select (99 cal) 2
Busch Light (112 cal) 2.5
Carlsberg Light (112 cal) 2.5
Corona Light (109 cal) 2.5
Corrs Light (105 cal) 2.5
Heidelberg Light (114 cal) 2.5
Keystone Light (100 cal) 2
Meister Brau Light, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 2
Michelob Light (133 cal) 3
Michelob Ultra Low Carb (95 cal/2.5 g carbs) 2
Miller Genuine Draft Light, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 2
Miller High Life Light, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 2
Miller Light (89 cal/2.9 g carbs) 2
Milwaukee's Best Light, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 2
Molson Light (109 cal) 2.5
Old Milwaukee Light (119 cal) 2.5
Old Style Light (114 cal) 2.5
Olympia Gold Light (70 cal) 1.5
Pabst Light (110 cal) 2.5
Pabst Extra Light (72 cal) 1.5
Red White & Blue Light (120 cal) 2.5
Sam Adams Light (124 cal) 2.5
Thin Ice (90 cal) 2

Beer - Name Brands
(12 fl oz) Anchor Steam (153 cal) 3.5
Augsburger (175 cal) 3.5
Beck's Non-Alcoholic (90 cal) 2
Beck's Dark Beer (150 cal) 3
Beck's Oktoberfest (140 cal) 3
Beck's Original (292 cal) 6
Black Horse (158 cal) 3.5
Blackhook Porter (162 cal) 3.5
Blatz (136 cal) 3
Blue Moon (171 cal) 3.5
Bud Dry (128 cal) 3
Budweiser, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Budweiser Tequiza, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Busch (146 cal) 3
Bush Natural (157 cal) 3.5
Carling Black Label (135 cal) 3
Carlsberg (148 cal) 3
Castlemaine XXXX Aussie Lager (145 cal) 3
Colt 45 (154 cal) 3.5
Coors (142 cal) 3
Coors Dry 120 (119 cal) 2.5
Coors Extra Gold (148 cal) 3
Corona (148 cal) 3
Fat Tire (300 cal) 6
Fosters Lager (125 cal) 2.5
Guinness Draft (190 cal) 4
Hamm's (135 cal) 3
Heilemans Old Style (150 cal) 3
Heineken (160 cal) 3.5
Ice House (132 cal) 3
Keystone Dry (122 cal) 2.5
Knickerbocker (142 cal) 3
King Cobra (181 cal) 4
Lowenbrau Dark (162 cal) 3.5
Lowenbrau Special (162 cal) 3.5
Magnum, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Meisterbrau (140 cal) 3
Michelob Amber Bock, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Michelob Dark (163 cal) 3.5
Michelob Dry (133 cal) 3
Micky's Fine Malt (157 cal) 3.5
Miller Regular (152 cal) 3.5
Miller Genuine Draft (148 cal) 3
Miller High Life Ice, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Miller Icehouse, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Milwaukee's Best, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Milwaukee's Best Ice, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Newcastle Brown Ale (150 cal) 3
Old Milwaukee Regular (148 cal) 3
Pilsner (148 cal) 3
Rainier (138 cal) 3
Red Bull Malt Liquor (190 cal) 4
Red Dog, 1 can or bottle (12 fl oz) 3
Rheingold (146 cal) 3
Sam Adams (160 cal) 3.5
Schaefer Malt Liquor (160 cal) 3.5
Schlitz Malt Liquor (176 cal) 4
Schmidt's (152 cal) 3.5
Stella Artois (140 cal) 3
Stroh's (144 cal) 3
Tiger Head Ale (164 cal) 3.5
Winterfest German (192 cal) 4
Zima (153 cal) 3.5
Microbreweries (average) Light Ale (12 fl oz) (97 cal) 2
Wheat Ale (12 fl oz) (110 cal) 2.5
Brown Ale (12 fl oz unless noted) (164 cal) 3.5

Pre-Mixed Drinks
Bacardi Silver (12 fl oz) (225 cal) 4.5
Bacardi Silver Raz (12 fl oz) (225 cal) 4.5
Bacardi Silver O3 (12 fl oz) (225 cal) 4.5
Bacardi Silver Limon (12 fl oz) (225 cal) 4.5
Doc Otis' Hard Lemonade (258 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber) 5.5
Henry's Hard Lemonade (12 oz) (315 cal) 6.5
Jack Daniel's Hard Cola (12 oz) (232 cal) 5
Jack Daniel's Hard Cola (12 oz) (232 cal) 5
Mike's Hard Lemonade (240 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber) 5
Mike's Hard Lemonade (lemon & cranberry), 11.2 fl oz (220 cal/1.3 g fat/0 g fiber) 5
Mike's Hard Iced Tea, 11.2 fl oz (177 cal/0.9 g fat/0 g fiber) 4
Mike's Light Lemon Lime (11.2 fl oz) (76 cal/0 g fat/1 g carbs) 2
Skyy Blue (235 cal) 5
Skyy Sport Malt Beverage, Cranberry (160 cal/15 g carbs) 3.5
Zima, 12 oz bottle, (185 cal) 4
Smirnoff Smirnoff Ice Triple Black (12 fl oz) (253 cal/38 g carbs) 5.5
Smirnoff Ice (12 fl oz) (253 cal/38 g carbs) 5.5
Smirnoff Ice Triple Black (12 fl oz) (253 cal/38 g carbs) 5.5
Smirnoff Twist, Citrus (1 fl oz) (100 cal) 2
Smirnoff Twist, Cranberry (1 fl oz) (69 cal) 1.5
Smirnoff Twist, Lemon (1 fl oz) (69 cal) 1.5
Smirnoff Twist, Orange (1 fl oz) (60 cal) 1.5
Smirnoff Twist, Vanilla (1 fl oz) (69 cal) 1.5
Smirnoff Twist, Watermelon (1 fl oz) (69 cal) 1.5
Smirnoff Twisted, Cranberry (12 fl oz) (182 cal) 4
Smirnoff Twisted, Greenapple (12 fl oz) (191 cal) 4
Smirnoff Twisted, Mandarin Orange (12 fl oz) (182 cal) 4
Smirnoff Twisted, Raspberry (12 fl oz) (182 cal) 4
Smirnoff Twisted V, Raspberry (12 fl oz) (182 cal) 4
Smirnoff Twisted V Green Apple (12 oz) (256 cal/38 g carbs) 5.5
Smirnoff Twisted V Raspberry (12 oz) (255 cal/39 g carbs) 5.5
Smirnoff Twisted V Mandarin Orange (12 oz) (243 cal/34 g carbs) 5
LiquorAmaretto (1.5 fl oz) (118 cal) 2.5
Apricot Brandy (1 fl oz) (80 cal) 2
Bacardi (2.5 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Bacardi Razz Rum (1 fl oz) (69 cal) 1.5
Bourbon, 84 proof (1.5 fl oz/jigger) (69 cal) 1.5
Brandy, 100 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Brandy, 94 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Campari (1.5 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (2 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay (1 fl oz) (66 cal) 1.5
Cinzano Dry Vermouth (1 fl oz) (32 cal) 1
Cognac, 1, 1/2 fl oz, 2Curacao (1.5 fl oz) (110 cal) 2.5
Drambuie (1.5 fl oz) (165 cal) 3.5
Dry Vermouth (6 fl oz) (195 cal) 4
Gin, 100 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Gin, 94 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Godiva White Chocolate Liquor (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (180 cal) 4
Jagermeister (1 fl oz) (113 cal) 2.5
Kahlua (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (135 cal) 3
Irish Cream (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (117 cal) 2.5
Kirsch (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Pernod (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (120 cal) 2.5
Rum, 100 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Rum, 94 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Rye Whiskey (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (69 cal) 1.5
Scotch Whiskey (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Sloe Gin (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Southern Comfort (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (97 cal) 2
Tequila (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Tropico Liqueur, Bacardi, 1 fl oz (36 cal/0.1 g fat/3 g carbs) 1
Vodka, 100 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Vodka, 94 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Vodka Blue UV (1 fl oz) (60 cal) 1.5
Vodka, Skyy, all flavors (1 fl oz) (60 cal) 1.5
Whiskey, 100 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (125 cal) 2.5
Whiskey, 94 proof (1.5 fl oz/1 jigger) (115 cal) 2.5
Liqueurs (1.5 oz unless noted) Liqueurs, any type, 1 jigger, 1 1/2 fl oz, 3
Anisette (3/4 fl oz) (75 cal) 1.5
B&B (1 fl oz) (95 cal) 2
Benedictine (3/4 fl oz) (70 cal) 1.5
Brandy (fruit flavored) (130 cal) 3
Brandy Coffee (132 cal) 3
Cherry Hering (120 cal) 2.5
Creme de Almonde (150 cal) 3
Creme de Banana (145 cal) 3
Creme de Cacao (150 cal) 3
Creme de Cassis (120 cal) 2.5
Creme de Menthe (185 cal) 4
Curacao (3/4 fl oz) (55 cal) 1.5
Drambuie (165 cal) 3.5
Gin Citrus (115 cal) 2.5
Kirsch (125 cal) 2.5
Maraschino (110 cal) 2.5
Peppermint Schnapps (125 cal) 2.5
Pernod/Ricard (115 cal) 2.5
Sloe Gin (125 cal) 2.5
Southern Comfort (180 cal) 4
Tia Maria (138 cal) 3
Vodka Citrus (150 cal) 3
Cocktails Amaretto Sour (1.7 fl oz) (170 cal) 3.5
Alexander (2.5 fl oz) (180 cal) 4
B-52 (1 fl oz) (92 cal) 2
Bahama Mamma (8 fl oz) (300 cal) 6
Black Russian (3 fl oz) (250 cal) 5
Bloody Mary (5 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Bourbon & Soda (4 fl oz) (105 cal) 2.5
Brandy Alexander, 1 (3 fl oz) 8
Buttery Nipple (1.5 fl oz) (130 cal) 3
Champagne, 1 small glass, 4 fl oz, 2
Chocolate Martini (6 fl oz) (438 cal) 9
Cosmo (4 fl oz) (200 cal) 4
Cosmopolitan (2.5 fl oz) (170 cal) 3.5
Cotton Candy (12 fl oz) (207 cal) 4.5
Daiquiri (2.7 fl oz) (166 cal) 3.5
Fussy Navel (4 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Gin Rickey (7 fl oz) (115 cal) 2.5
Gin & Tonic (7.5 fl oz) (170 cal) 3.5
Gin & Diet Tonic (7.5 fl oz) (115 cal) 2.5
Godiva Chocolate Martini (6 fl oz) (438 cal) 9
Grasshopper (2.3 fl oz) (208 cal) 4.5
Kahlua Mudslide (440 cal) 9
Key Lime Martini (4 fl oz) (167 cal) 3.5
High Ball (8 fl oz) (165 cal) 3.5
Hummingbird (5.5 fl oz) (374 cal) 7.5
Jager Bomb (13 fl oz) (219 cal) 4.5
Jell-O Shots (1.5 fl oz) (90 cal) 2
Liquid Viagra (5 fl oz) (151 cal) 3.5
Long Island Ice Tea (12 fl oz) (789 cal) 16
Love Potion (5 fl oz) (279 cal) 6
Mai Tai (4.5 fl oz) (310 cal) 6.5
Malibu Bay Breeze (5.5 fl oz) (140 cal) 3
Manhatten (2.5 fl oz) (130 cal) 3
Margarita (4 oz) (197 cal/24 g carbs) 4
Margarita (8 fl oz) (453 cal) 9.5
Margarita (12 fl oz) (680 cal) 14
Margarita, frozen (12 fl oz) (739 cal) 15
Margarita, frozen, strawberry (8 fl oz) (424 cal) 8.5
Martini (2.5 fl oz) (155 cal) 3.5
Martini, apple (3 fl oz) (155 cal) 3.5
Martini Godiva Chocolate (6 fl oz) (438 cal/8.7 g fat) 9.5
Melon Ball (7 fl oz) (297 cal) 6
Midori Sour (6 fl oz) (219 cal) 4.5
Mint Julep (10 fl oz) (215 cal) 4.5
Mojito (8 fl oz) (214 cal) 4.5
Mudslide (2 fl oz) (202 cal/6.4 g fat) 5
Old Fashioned (4 fl oz) (180 cal) 4
Pina Colada (6 fl oz) (644 cal) 13
Red White & Blue (6 fl oz) (296 cal) 6
Rum & Coke (10 fl oz) (356 cal) 7.5
Rum & Diet Coke (10 fl oz) (115 cal) 2.5
Screwdriver (7 fl oz) (208 cal) 4.5
sex on the Beach (2.5 fl oz) (143 cal) 3
Singapore Sling (8 fl oz) (230 cal) 5
Sloe Gin Fizz (8 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Strawberry Ice (4.5 fl oz) (233 cal) 5
Tequila Sunrise (5.5 fl oz) (190 cal) 4
Tom Collins (7.5 fl oz) (120 cal) 2.5
Washington Apple Shot (1 fl oz) (53 cal) 1.5
Water Moccasin (3 fl oz) (175 cal) 3.5
Whiskey Sour (4 fl oz) (170 cal) 3.5
White Russian (3.5 fl oz) (270 cal) 5.5
Wine (average) Dessert, dry, 2 fl oz, 2

Dessert, sweet, 2 fl oz, 2
Light, 1 small glass or 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 1
Non-alcoholic, 1 small glass or 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 1
Regular, dry, 1 small glass or 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 2
Wine Cooler, 1, 8 fl oz, 3
Wine Spritzer, 1, 8 fl oz, 2
Wine Coolers Bacardi Breezer, Twist (100 cal) 2
Bartles & Jaynes Berry, Kiwi, Strawberry (230 cal) 5
Bartles & Jaynes Fuzzy Naval (274 cal) 5.5
Bartles & Jaynes Original (210 cal) 4.5
Bartles & Jaynes Strawberry Daiquiri (230 cal) 5
Boones Farm Original (150 cal) 3
Boones Farm Sangra (190 cal) 4
Boones Farm Snow Creek Berry (150 cal) 3
Boones Farm Strawberry Hill (190 cal) 4
Boones Farm Sun Peach (150 cal) 3
Seagrams Coolers, All (96 cal) 2
Woodchuck Cider Amber (12 oz) (198 cal/0 g fat/21 carbs) 4
Dark & Dry (12 oz) (177 cal/0 g fat/16 carbs) 4
Granny Smith (12 oz) (160 cal/0 g fat/11 carbs) 3.5
Pear (12 oz) (150 cal/0 g fat/18 carbs) 3
Wine (4 fl oz unless noted)Beaujolais (95 cal) 2
Bordeaux, red (95 cal) 2
Burgundy, red (95 cal) 2
Burgundy, white (90 cal) 2
Cabernet Sauvignon (90 cal) 2
Chablis (85 cal) 2
Champagne, dry (105 cal) 2.5
Champagne, pink (100 cal) 2
Champagne (1 bottle) (531 cal) 11
Chardonnay (90 cal) 2
Chianti (100 cal) 2
Liebfraumilch (85 cal) 2
Madeira (160 cal) 3.5
Marsala (80 cal) 2
Merlot (95 cal) 2
Mosell (100 cal) 2
Muscatel (160 cal) 3.5
Port, ruby (185 cal) 4
Port, white (170 cal) 3.5
Reisling (90 cal) 2
Rhone (95 cal) 2
Rose (95 cal) 2
Sangria (115 cal) 2.5
Sauterne (115 cal) 2.5
Sauvignon Blanc (80 cal) 2
Soke (1/2 cup) (99 cal) 2
Tokay (165 cal) 3.5
Zinfandel, red (90 cal) 2
Zinfandel, white (80 cal) 2
Red or White Wine (1 bottle/750 ml) (506.8 cal) 10.5

Brands of Wine (4 fl oz unless noted)
Arbor Mist, 8 oz Exotic Fruits, White Zinfandel (170 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/22 g carbs) 3.5 Strawberry, White Zinfandel (160 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/20 g carbs) 3.5
Blackberry, Merlot (160 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/21 g carbs) 3.5
Peach, Chardonnay (150 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/17 g carbs) 3.5
Ernest & Julio Gallo, 4 oz Cabernet Sauvignon 2
Chardonnay 2
Hearty Burgundy 2
Malvasia Chardonnay 2
Sauvignon Blanc 2
White Grenache 2
White Zinfandel 2
Gossamer Bay, 4 oz Cabernet Sauvignon (Italy '96) 2
Chardonnay ('97) 2
Merlot (Italy '96) 2
Pinot Grigio ('97) 2
Sauvignon Blanc ('97) 2
White Zinfandel ('98) 2
Zinfandel ('96) 2

Wine, cooking
Regina Burgundy, 2 tbsp, 30 mil, 1
Regina Sauterne, 2 tbsp, 30 mil, 0
Regina Sherry, 2 tbsp, 30 mil, 1
MixersDaiquiri mix, 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 3
Margarita mix, 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 3
Margarita Mix - Baja Bob (0 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber) 0
Pina Colada mix, 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 4
Sweet and Sour mix, 1/2 cup, 4 fl oz, 2
Whiskey Sour Mix (not prepared), 0.6 oz, 1 pkg, 1.5
Wine SpritzersWine Spritzer w/4 fl oz white wine topped with Club Soda (80 cal) 2

Mixer Brands
Canada Dry Collins mixer, 8 fl oz, 2
Diet lime tonic, 8 fl oz, 0
Diet tonic water, 8 fl oz, 0
Lime tonic, 8 fl oz, 2
Sour mixer, 8 fl oz, 2
Tonic water, 8 fl oz, 2
Classic Bloody Mary, 6 fl oz, 0
\Grenadine, 1 fl oz, 2
Margarita, 4 fl oz, 2
Pina Colada, 4 fl oz, 5
Strawberry Daiquiri, 4 fl oz, 5
Whiskey Sour, 4 fl oz, 1
Cott Diet tonic water, 8 fl oz, 0
Tonic water, 8 fl oz, 2
Del Monte Snap-e-tom tomato and chile cocktail, 6 fl oz, 0
Harry & David Bloody Mary mix, 8 fl oz, 0
Lime Margarita mix, 8 fl oz, 2
Schweppes Bitter lemon, 8 fl oz, 2
Collins mixer, 8 fl oz, 2
Cranberry tonic, 8 fl oz, 2
Diet tonic water, 8 fl oz, 0
Tonic water, 8 fl oz, 2

Girl Scout cookies sale extended!

Yay, I have resisted this whole time! I know I could never just eat one if I were to buy a box. For those who love the cookies and are on WW, here is some help for you! I have yet to buy a box, And still do not plan on doing so...
heres the points for the cookies
Lemon Chalet Cremes,1cookie(80 cal/3g fat/0 fiber/12g carbs40mg sodium<1g protein)2
Trefoils, 5 cookies (150 cal/7g fat/<1g fiber/20g carbs/105mg sodium/2g protein) 4
Do-si-dos, 2 cookies (110 cal/5g fat/<1g fiber/15g carbs/85mg sodium/2g protein) 3
Samoas, 2 cookies (150 cal/8g fat/<1g fiber/19g carbs/50mg sodium/1g protein) 4
All Abouts, 3 cookies (150 cal/7g fat/<1g fiber/21g carbs/75mg sodium/1g protein) 4
Chocolate Chips, 3cookies (160 cal/9g fat/2g fiber/22g carbs/140mg sodium/1g protein)4 Tagalongs, 2 cookies (150 cal/10g fat/1g fiber/14g carbs/100mg sodium/2g protein) 4
Thin Mints, 4 cookies (150 cal/7g fat/1g fiber/20g carbs/115mg sodium/2g protein) 4

I dont think this is the whole list but still WOW!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans weigh in!

Well, i dont have alot of time to post but I maintained! I have lost 4 lbs since this challenge started! Oh and atleast i maintained! I quit smoking last week, its a miracle I did not gain 4 lbs, hahaha!

Thanks for all the support!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My wednesday weigh in!

I didnt get to weigh in at my WW meeting because it was cancelled because of the weather. I knew i bought my home scale for a reason, lol! I weighed today at lunch time (before i ate, lol) and I weigh 236.4. I believe my weight was 239.2. That means in a week I have lost a total of 2.8 lbs. WOO HOO!!!!! I am almost to my 10% mark!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A rant about the office I work in

When I came to work here, I didnt know what to expect. I worked a real estate agency for 5 years, nice office, great coworkers, didnt really have any problems. Then we moved to suffolk. I got a job here at a recycling plant, had high hopes for it cause it was a new start in a way. I did not know that even now, almost 2 years working here that this one woman would be so horrible to work with. Some days shes nice, most days she not and I do not know why. Even another coworker of mine doesnt understand it and shes close to her, they hang out all the time. I just dont get it, i try and try. Now i have been asked by management to go a work one day a week in another office, she does not agree with this decision. I know this cause right after one manager mentioned riding over there today to check things out, not 30 seconds later she was in the other managers office with door closed. I have asked her to teach me more just to be turned down over and over so I stopped asking. I am so tired of it! I could litterally cry right now from being so mad and just want to scream at her!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Shrinking!

p>Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

I am in!!!!! My wiegh in monday night was 239.2! I hope to be in the lower 230's by the end of this challenge!!! I love motivation and this is perfect!!!!! I have seen some amazing things on this site so come visit the sisterhood of the shrinking jeans!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today seems stressful

Got up this morning and from then on it just seems I am stressed. Maybe the fact that our tax return hasnt come in yet and how badly we need the money right now at this very minute. Maybes its that I dont get along with everyone I work with and that bothers me. i know it shouldnt but it does, I am not a bad person, atleast I dont think i am. I dont know, I can tell I am stressed cause I want to eat. I am fighting the urge though, I have to. Part of my daily stress is my weight and I am getting rid of it, slowly but surely. I need to get on the ball with our financial situation. Get a better plan in motion. Tired of living pay day to pay day! We make enough to where we shouldnt have to but we have so much debt. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from one of our debtors offering me to settle, pay 75% of the balance in full and it will be done. yep, thats just how bad it is! I need more time in my day! More time to do my coupon thing, go through the ads, get a plan on shopping. I cant even take my kids to chuck e cheese. I hate being stressed.

Ok, pity party over. lol.

By the way, the LOL part is cause sometimes i just have to laugh, otherwise, I will just have to build myself a padded room in my house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need to stay on top of Blogging

Wow, since october.

I just dont feel like i ever have time to do anything I actually want to do. Sleep would be one. I wish i could get one night of good wonderful slobbering on my pillow sleep. I dont seem to fall into that type of sleep until around 2am and from then on, its wonderful but not when you have to get up at 6 or earlier.

I joined weight watchers. I LOVE IT!
I use my daily points, use some of my weekly points if i need them and gain activity points too. I started online on 1/5 and weighed 256. I actively started the meetings and all 1/26. I weighed 249.6 that night. Lastnight I weighed in, my 4th week and I weigh 240.6 now. I am so close to my first goal of 239, but next week, I will get there. I have already lost 5% and am gaining on my 10% body weight loss. This is the best program, atleast for me it is~! Seeing the results is wonderful for me. By summer, I will be under 200 lbs, even if its just 199, I dont even care. If i continue losing 10 lbs a month, yeah i know, unrealistic at this point, By the end of june, I should meet that goal, but if now, oh well, i will get there.

Thomas is good. Not a fan of recruiting but neither am I but we deal with it and move on. I cant wait for sea duty to start up again for him. Still havent started getting paid for 1st class but maybe by june, perfect time for a pay raise, I will need some new clothes, lol.

I still work, yep, at the recycling plant. Still have issues with one of the coworkers but oh well. Just cause you treat me like you are better than me doesnt make it true. I hope one day she realizes that.Would be nice if she gave me more to do but by her knowing stuff no one else knows, she is more valuable to the company. OH well, yet again.

Well, have some stuff to do. Will try and be more frequent on here!