Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday at the sisterhood again! Week 5, 3 weeks left!

Bottom Line: I gained! I am at 233 now!

Thats ok! I expected it! I enjoyed food this weekend, too much of it! I am now back on track and ready to kick my fat butt into gear again!!!!!!

Up 1.8 which is what I lost the week before! Its all good!!!



Brooke said...

i gained this week too. we've just got to put it behind us and do better this week :)

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

I'm glad to hear you're back on track. Every one has a gain every now and then. Just keeping pushing.

You're doing a great job and good luck this week!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this week. :)

april said...

No worries! You're back on track, and I'm sure you'll do fabulous this week!

Good luck!

ValleyGirl said...

You can do it!! The important thing is to not see this as failure, but rather a temporary blip in progress ~ and it sounds like that's exactly what you're doing. Keep up the great work!!