Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I mentioned my inlaws earlier, heres the story to go with it

My inlaws have never ever treated me right. This july me and my husband have been together for 10 years! For 10 years basically i have been the black sheep. So many reasons according to them for this and some of which they have dared not said but I know is part of it.

1. I am not his ex. I did not know he was dating someone when we got together, she was off in bible camp. MY BAD! I found out 2 weeks into our relationship he had a girlfriend who he promptly broke up with the day she returned.
2. I was not and am not skinny (yet). Everyone in his family is skinny in some shape or form. Oh well, he loves my extra fluff!
3, I speak my mind. If you say something that bothers me, i let you know it, i dont keep my mouth shut at all. I will even argue also and get very loud!

These are just 3 things. The things this family has put me through would of caused most woman to just walk away! I almost did about 7.5 years ago!
They had his ex move in while i was preggers with our oldest. They told me i didnt have to come around they didnt care. They had her move into thomas's grandmas house after I had liz and started working again, they tried to teach liz to call her mommy.
They hid her from me whenever I went over there, she hid for hours at a time in the closet cause she knew if i saw her, she would be in a world of hurt! She would write him notes and everything. I left him when liz was about 8 months old. He owuld not allow me to take her until I was settled.
His parents convinced him i abandoned liz and when he went to boot camp, he tried to sign custody over to his parents but it didnt work, I got her anyway! It was bad, very bad!

My brother in law has tried to kill me 3 times! tried to drown me, came after me with a pitch fork and with a chain saw! Hes crazy!

My sister in law has even came after me when i was preggers and tried to kick me in my stomach!
My father in law is a perv, i used to wake up to him watching me sleep. Hes a boob man, i know this cause i have big boobs!
My mother in law is crazy as well. She has cursed me out, yelled at me, put me down to my kids, cussed me out in front of me kids and even attacked me. I let her hit me 3 times cause her dad had died the day before but after that 3rd time, she got her ass whooped and ended up with a mild concussion.

Now, they treat mary differently, why, I do not know. All the other grandchildren dont get treated like this, I dont understand it personally. Mary is 5, yes she has a temper and lets it be known but give the kid a chance. They have even went so far as to doubt her paternity. Now, those who have seen my two kids know that theres no way you can doubt them being sisters. Heres a pic!

really, trust me, they are sisters, lol!

My inlaws are crazy! And it took up until about 2 years ago for my husband to truly stand up for me but he has started to. Plus, i can stand up for myself and he knows that!

But when you treat me child in a wrong way, its on and they know it!

Theres some of the story, trust me theres so much more but i cant type for hours on end!!!1

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Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! Hopefully you and your kids are safe now.