Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Shrinking!

p>Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

I am in!!!!! My wiegh in monday night was 239.2! I hope to be in the lower 230's by the end of this challenge!!! I love motivation and this is perfect!!!!! I have seen some amazing things on this site so come visit the sisterhood of the shrinking jeans!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today seems stressful

Got up this morning and from then on it just seems I am stressed. Maybe the fact that our tax return hasnt come in yet and how badly we need the money right now at this very minute. Maybes its that I dont get along with everyone I work with and that bothers me. i know it shouldnt but it does, I am not a bad person, atleast I dont think i am. I dont know, I can tell I am stressed cause I want to eat. I am fighting the urge though, I have to. Part of my daily stress is my weight and I am getting rid of it, slowly but surely. I need to get on the ball with our financial situation. Get a better plan in motion. Tired of living pay day to pay day! We make enough to where we shouldnt have to but we have so much debt. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from one of our debtors offering me to settle, pay 75% of the balance in full and it will be done. yep, thats just how bad it is! I need more time in my day! More time to do my coupon thing, go through the ads, get a plan on shopping. I cant even take my kids to chuck e cheese. I hate being stressed.

Ok, pity party over. lol.

By the way, the LOL part is cause sometimes i just have to laugh, otherwise, I will just have to build myself a padded room in my house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need to stay on top of Blogging

Wow, since october.

I just dont feel like i ever have time to do anything I actually want to do. Sleep would be one. I wish i could get one night of good wonderful slobbering on my pillow sleep. I dont seem to fall into that type of sleep until around 2am and from then on, its wonderful but not when you have to get up at 6 or earlier.

I joined weight watchers. I LOVE IT!
I use my daily points, use some of my weekly points if i need them and gain activity points too. I started online on 1/5 and weighed 256. I actively started the meetings and all 1/26. I weighed 249.6 that night. Lastnight I weighed in, my 4th week and I weigh 240.6 now. I am so close to my first goal of 239, but next week, I will get there. I have already lost 5% and am gaining on my 10% body weight loss. This is the best program, atleast for me it is~! Seeing the results is wonderful for me. By summer, I will be under 200 lbs, even if its just 199, I dont even care. If i continue losing 10 lbs a month, yeah i know, unrealistic at this point, By the end of june, I should meet that goal, but if now, oh well, i will get there.

Thomas is good. Not a fan of recruiting but neither am I but we deal with it and move on. I cant wait for sea duty to start up again for him. Still havent started getting paid for 1st class but maybe by june, perfect time for a pay raise, I will need some new clothes, lol.

I still work, yep, at the recycling plant. Still have issues with one of the coworkers but oh well. Just cause you treat me like you are better than me doesnt make it true. I hope one day she realizes that.Would be nice if she gave me more to do but by her knowing stuff no one else knows, she is more valuable to the company. OH well, yet again.

Well, have some stuff to do. Will try and be more frequent on here!