Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The holidays ALREADY

I even count halloween as a holiday! Holidays to me mean spending money and buying a costume and pumpkins to carve are spending so therefore.... its a holiday! Financially, it will be slim pickings around here, luckilly we dont eat thanksgiving or christmas dinners at our house, we travel through 4 different houses on those days and eat thier food, lol. I must say though, i love the new "five and below" stores in hampton roads, a dream for a tight budgeted momma like me! The main things doodlebug wants this year are an IPOD all her own and a guitar! She wants to be like hannah montana whom i am not a fan of but she loves her music so whatever! Squeekerbug hasnt really voiced her wants and needs for christmas but I know my baby girl and she would love her own little camera, of course it will be the kid tough digital one where you can throw it down the stairs and fall in the toilet and it will work still cause this child can break the stuff that sometimes you would think was unbreakable and I have seen this camera and its truly magical! Me and thomas, not so much concerned with gifts, my bday is even in december and i dont care to recieve anything, make me some coupons for free hugs and kisses or something and i will be content! The holidays are exhausting and this year wont be as full of gifts as it has been in the past but times are hard and my kids know that! I hope that this will teach them that everyone has hard times, its a part of life and a part of growing up but you deal with what you have and be thankful for it! SERIOUSLY, 5 AND BELOW.... AWESOME STORE AND MOST OF MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING WILL BE DONE THERE!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The daily bump and grind!


I am referring to the day to day robotics of our lives. Me... Get up, wake up the kids, wake up thomas so he can go to work, make breakfast, get myself dressed, walk the dog, get the girls dressed, drop them off and go to work. WORK, what fun that is, up until recently i referred to it as going to HELL. I was the new girl, the only one with children and only one person really treated me nicely but now everything is good, were all on the same level and i actually dont mind too much coming to work. I run errands usually on my lunch break or go home, eat lunch and clean what i missed that morning or night before and than back to work. Get off at 5 and pick up the girls and head home to remain in the kitchen for 2 hours to make dinner, clean up after dinner and make tea also. Get the girls washed up and off to bed. I continue to clean, and fold clothes and than off to bed with me just to wake up the next day and repeat.
Seems to get a bit ritualistic doesn't it? I believe all mothers sit down one day and realize how repetitive thier days really are. I am happy though, yes, we have our financial problems cause the navy doesnt pay as well as others may think and we took a hit when he went from sea duty to recruiting. He spends over $100 a week just traveling back and forth to work. Thats massive compared to what it used to be. I got a little raise this week which every little bit helps, thats for sure and thank god for his family (2 years ago i would not of said that) cause they are helping us big time with childcare.
Fact is, As hard as we have it right now, I am happy! I love my husband and even though my kids can be a handful, they are mine and i love them regardless. We have a home, we have our vehicles and we have food and clothes. It could be better, but I can handle it just the way it is!

Friday, August 8, 2008


yes, i have my kids and i have my husband but i dont have any friends. My life is so robotic, yes i talk to people online but i am talking about meeting up with some one or something. i think i have given up on it cause i always get burned. During my husbands deployment, I had what i thought was a good friend, we hung out all the time, talked about everything. Our husbands were on the ship together but things changed when i was no longer head of the support group for the ship, she quickly stepped in and i was kicked to the curb basically. I moved to suffolk, never even came to visit, I felt used and betrayed and in the 2 years since that happen, i have found it even harder to trust. I know some people locally but everyone is into going on drinking and spending money but i am not. i happy at home drinking and not spending money of which i do not have. I dont like being a friend of convenience but others would call it aquitance. Nope, if someone calls you just cause they need your help fixing something and they do not call again, thats convenience. I guess its just me and the kids!!!! But i really miss adult chatter in person!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Being a mother is such a game of tug-a-war

I say this cause my children are out of town this week. I am happy to get the well deserved time to myself but at the same time I miss my kids. Mary yesterday, as I was leaving was sad and said over and over again that she wanted to go home so i ran for her suit case and than I was like, I need this time to rejuvenate. You get stuck between a rock and a hard place and I cried the whole way home.
I am a protective mother, i worry about everything when it comes to my kids and i know i should allow them to do more cause they need to learn but I freak out, i worry.
I am a selfish mom, i want me children to myself and around me at all times, under my protection but I know in my heart it cannot happen that way but oh how i wish it could.
They are in another state with my in laws, playing, laughing and swimming thier little hearts out, they are happy. Me.... I am a lost puppy right now but happy that they are enjoying thier time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A thief was in our midst.....

I had a party to do on saturday night. It went well, even got a booking for another party from it. Made my night because this woman had already booking with another consultant from another fun party company and decided she liked my presentation better, I felt accomplished, lol.

Got out of there about midnight or so and headed home. Was doing my normal nothing on sunday afternoon and I get a phone call from My hostess telling me that her hostess gift had come up missing but she had an idea of who may have it. She followed this up by saying the woman who took it stated that I had given this to her for free cause I felt bad for her cause she was unable to purchase anything cause she just paid her rent. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!
1. I do not give away free product to anyone but my host.
2. This conversation she told me that we had, never happened.
3. I had only one of these left in my stock and I gave it to my hostess still wrapped in the plastic.
4. She stated the one I gave her was not in its plastic anymore and that i put it in a bag like i put my prizes in.

I love this job. I will never do anything to make myself look bad as a consultant and this woman was lying about me and i am not having it. I called my hostess back after my conversation with the thief and immediately told her that this girl was lying and that none of her story is true. She told me shes also mad cause this girl is part of her wedding party, OUCH!!

Girl, you better watch the wedding gifts!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to my life

I am new to this site, I have however read some truly awesome blogs on here so why not give it a shot myself.
I lead a busy life, more so than I would like but thats what debt makes you do, makes you work your butt off so you can make the payments on more interest than actual principle, lol. The navy doesnt pay as well as some may think, they benefits do account for alot but after 6 years, could be more but maybe thats just me being greedy, I have been working on that part of myself for a little while now.
Some may say I am negative at time, honestly, i know this. I lead a difficult life that most would of gone crazy over by now in all honesty. Thats a story for another day though. For now, i will go, time for me to go to lunch, which in my terms is run errands, hahaha.