Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The holidays ALREADY

I even count halloween as a holiday! Holidays to me mean spending money and buying a costume and pumpkins to carve are spending so therefore.... its a holiday! Financially, it will be slim pickings around here, luckilly we dont eat thanksgiving or christmas dinners at our house, we travel through 4 different houses on those days and eat thier food, lol. I must say though, i love the new "five and below" stores in hampton roads, a dream for a tight budgeted momma like me! The main things doodlebug wants this year are an IPOD all her own and a guitar! She wants to be like hannah montana whom i am not a fan of but she loves her music so whatever! Squeekerbug hasnt really voiced her wants and needs for christmas but I know my baby girl and she would love her own little camera, of course it will be the kid tough digital one where you can throw it down the stairs and fall in the toilet and it will work still cause this child can break the stuff that sometimes you would think was unbreakable and I have seen this camera and its truly magical! Me and thomas, not so much concerned with gifts, my bday is even in december and i dont care to recieve anything, make me some coupons for free hugs and kisses or something and i will be content! The holidays are exhausting and this year wont be as full of gifts as it has been in the past but times are hard and my kids know that! I hope that this will teach them that everyone has hard times, its a part of life and a part of growing up but you deal with what you have and be thankful for it! SERIOUSLY, 5 AND BELOW.... AWESOME STORE AND MOST OF MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING WILL BE DONE THERE!

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Sapphire Mommy said...

I hear ya on the tough times. We were talking about christmas an djust doign like one major gifts and a few smaller ones. E doesn't really need anything and he's so little he won't know the difference. No idea what we'll do for each other though. Nice tip abou tthe 5 Below. I think I've been in their store. I'll ahve to see where there is one on this side of the water!