Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The daily bump and grind!


I am referring to the day to day robotics of our lives. Me... Get up, wake up the kids, wake up thomas so he can go to work, make breakfast, get myself dressed, walk the dog, get the girls dressed, drop them off and go to work. WORK, what fun that is, up until recently i referred to it as going to HELL. I was the new girl, the only one with children and only one person really treated me nicely but now everything is good, were all on the same level and i actually dont mind too much coming to work. I run errands usually on my lunch break or go home, eat lunch and clean what i missed that morning or night before and than back to work. Get off at 5 and pick up the girls and head home to remain in the kitchen for 2 hours to make dinner, clean up after dinner and make tea also. Get the girls washed up and off to bed. I continue to clean, and fold clothes and than off to bed with me just to wake up the next day and repeat.
Seems to get a bit ritualistic doesn't it? I believe all mothers sit down one day and realize how repetitive thier days really are. I am happy though, yes, we have our financial problems cause the navy doesnt pay as well as others may think and we took a hit when he went from sea duty to recruiting. He spends over $100 a week just traveling back and forth to work. Thats massive compared to what it used to be. I got a little raise this week which every little bit helps, thats for sure and thank god for his family (2 years ago i would not of said that) cause they are helping us big time with childcare.
Fact is, As hard as we have it right now, I am happy! I love my husband and even though my kids can be a handful, they are mine and i love them regardless. We have a home, we have our vehicles and we have food and clothes. It could be better, but I can handle it just the way it is!

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