Friday, August 8, 2008


yes, i have my kids and i have my husband but i dont have any friends. My life is so robotic, yes i talk to people online but i am talking about meeting up with some one or something. i think i have given up on it cause i always get burned. During my husbands deployment, I had what i thought was a good friend, we hung out all the time, talked about everything. Our husbands were on the ship together but things changed when i was no longer head of the support group for the ship, she quickly stepped in and i was kicked to the curb basically. I moved to suffolk, never even came to visit, I felt used and betrayed and in the 2 years since that happen, i have found it even harder to trust. I know some people locally but everyone is into going on drinking and spending money but i am not. i happy at home drinking and not spending money of which i do not have. I dont like being a friend of convenience but others would call it aquitance. Nope, if someone calls you just cause they need your help fixing something and they do not call again, thats convenience. I guess its just me and the kids!!!! But i really miss adult chatter in person!

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