Monday, July 14, 2008

A thief was in our midst.....

I had a party to do on saturday night. It went well, even got a booking for another party from it. Made my night because this woman had already booking with another consultant from another fun party company and decided she liked my presentation better, I felt accomplished, lol.

Got out of there about midnight or so and headed home. Was doing my normal nothing on sunday afternoon and I get a phone call from My hostess telling me that her hostess gift had come up missing but she had an idea of who may have it. She followed this up by saying the woman who took it stated that I had given this to her for free cause I felt bad for her cause she was unable to purchase anything cause she just paid her rent. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!
1. I do not give away free product to anyone but my host.
2. This conversation she told me that we had, never happened.
3. I had only one of these left in my stock and I gave it to my hostess still wrapped in the plastic.
4. She stated the one I gave her was not in its plastic anymore and that i put it in a bag like i put my prizes in.

I love this job. I will never do anything to make myself look bad as a consultant and this woman was lying about me and i am not having it. I called my hostess back after my conversation with the thief and immediately told her that this girl was lying and that none of her story is true. She told me shes also mad cause this girl is part of her wedding party, OUCH!!

Girl, you better watch the wedding gifts!!!!!

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Sapphire Mommy said...

ok that is seriously crazy!! by the way, I added ya to my blog roll!