Thursday, April 9, 2009

30 Day Shred - Day 2 - I did it!

Yesterday, I knew jillian had worked me on day one! I knew there were actually muscles that I was feeling pain in that I had not felt in years! Push ups..... umm.... this is a lot of weight to hold up so I do the knee assisted type but yet still, alot of weight to hold up.
I did day 2 yesterday when I got home from work and while dinner was cooking. I had to take a couple of breaks though because the kids got home or the timer went off in the kitchen, but it was like 10 15 second breaks, lol.
In the beginning, i was hurting! About half way through i truly started to feel better and not in so much pain! My jumping jacks were higher and my butt kicks were higher, i felt great! I finished it!
I then decided to go to the YMCA and get my wednesday normal workout in. HAHAHA, i have to laugh at myself thinking that was going to be possible because of jillian trying to kill me.
I was able to do 2.35 miles on the elliptical as normal but nothing else. I did some strength training and went and sat in the sauna for about 10 minutes.

Today.... my calves, arms, shoulders and my right heel hurts!!! But I will be ok and will do day 3 tonight!!!!!!

Me and Jillian, We are developing a love hate relationship right now!

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