Monday, March 2, 2009

A rant about the office I work in

When I came to work here, I didnt know what to expect. I worked a real estate agency for 5 years, nice office, great coworkers, didnt really have any problems. Then we moved to suffolk. I got a job here at a recycling plant, had high hopes for it cause it was a new start in a way. I did not know that even now, almost 2 years working here that this one woman would be so horrible to work with. Some days shes nice, most days she not and I do not know why. Even another coworker of mine doesnt understand it and shes close to her, they hang out all the time. I just dont get it, i try and try. Now i have been asked by management to go a work one day a week in another office, she does not agree with this decision. I know this cause right after one manager mentioned riding over there today to check things out, not 30 seconds later she was in the other managers office with door closed. I have asked her to teach me more just to be turned down over and over so I stopped asking. I am so tired of it! I could litterally cry right now from being so mad and just want to scream at her!

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