Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Confessions

1. I have not only fallen off the wagon, it also ran me over.

2. Just because i can basically get 12 packs for free this week of coke products, bad idea, I love soda too much and it doesnt need to be in my house.

3. Still bought them though, my husband better drink up!

4. My emotional eating got really bad recently with the passing of my aunt and such.

5. Not to mention the fight my mother started with me immediately following the funeral over a DAMN COOKIE.

6. Not my cookie, my daughters cookie.

7. Need to get back to the gym, i feel like i get a better workout there.

8. I dont want to put the kids in child watch though, they tend to get sick when going there.

9. The swine flu scares me!

10. I hate my job, ok, scratch that, I dont hate the job itself, I could however do without some of the people I work with.

11. My monthly visitor will be here this week.

12. Migraines and bad ass cramps along with it!

13. I am 1 lb away from my 10% weight loss, SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!

I have some work to do! Yay for me!!!!!


Tiffany said...

Go team Maroon! We're gonna do great.

Brooke said...

soulds like team maroon has at least two members riding the cotton pony together...

*Lissa* said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt!

My kids are out of school which makes going to the gym a serious pain in the ass. *sigh* I've never done Child Watch, but will have to give it a try I guess.